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Identify internal blocks and start living the life you truly desire. This is a highly-structured, step-by-step mentoring program designed for radical personal transformation. It will empower you to:



Find your purpose in life and clarify your goals with absolute precision.



Harmonize your goals with the natural laws of the universe and flow with ease. When you integrate body, mind and soul you can experience effortless manifestation. 



Align your conscious and subconscious mind so that your true potential can emerge.



You will learn to move past outside distractions and mental limitations and into living your best life as a courageous, respected action-oriented leader who gets great results that stick - for life!

The benefits you will experience: 
  • Doing what you really love to do, being clear on your purpose, and understanding how to set and accomplish worthy goals that will transform your life.

  • Having more time and money freedom to live how you really want to live.

  • Improve your relationships and have more love and joy in your life.

  • Your productivity will go through the roof! You will get a lot done, in a short period of time, in a calm, confident manner.

  • You will have a step-by-step system, accountability and support daily to keep you on track to your goals and the improvements you want to move

  • You will be surrounding yourself with people who ‘get you’ and are moving in a similar direction

  • You will become calmer, healthier and happier in all dimensions of your life

Are you ready for a quantum leap?
What would it mean for you if you could really start creating the life of freedom you really want and be totally in control of the results you are getting in every area of your life? I believe everyone deserves it in this lifetime.
Image by Olga Serjantu

I know how it is to live, not fully aligned with one's true potential. I found myself struggling throughout my 20s, trying to figure it all out by myself. I tried to do everything right: have a good education, a good job, find a decent partner, but I was still so lost. I was not going in the direction of my heart's true desire. I started seeking but it was not until I started to invest in my inner growth that my life really transformed. I understood that I was the one holding myself back and started the journey to my true self. 


Your results are always a reflection of what is going on inside of you. You too can experience for yourself what I have experienced. I truly want that for you. What if today was the day you decided to create the life you always dreamed of? Your future self will thank you. I did my training at the Proctor Gallagher Institute and have been mentored by Bob Proctor, the global expert in human potential. Now I am blessed to share the same teachings that led to my transformation. Decide that it's your time now! 

Imagine how a program like this could change your life. You will need a telescope to see where you started.


This is included

For more than 60 years, Bob Proctor has empowered millions to tap into their greatness and fulfill their destinies. Together with Sandy Gallaher, they have created Thinking into Results which is a comprehensive systematic approach, based on psychology and research, to real transformation unlike any other.

Life long access to 'Thinking into Results' 

In-depth individual lessons and dynamic videos. A 220 page participants guide and worksheets - where you do the work in shifting your current beliefs and thinking.

Live weekly coaching sessions  - support and accountability for your growth and success.

Structured around 12 pillars


Setting and achieving worthy goals 


Understanding what’s holding you back


How to get the results you want


Unlocking the secret


How to stay in charge no matter the circumstance


Creating the environment you want


Identifying and avoiding the land mine that will sabotage your success


Aligning you with you so we all win


The magic of attitude


Developing you as a leader


 The number one key to success


The secret to increasing the power of your mind


With thinking into Results I was able to use the material to quickly manifest and qualify for a company trip. I manifested $3000 in a day to pay for thinking into results. I discovered my purpose and understanding to help others by becoming a coach and to help others and this happened within a 3-month timeframe of making a decision. I have manifested product sales that I haven't been able to sell for month. I had new members join my network marketing business.


– Jenn N.

Natalia is a world class person, full of light and awareness. Always knowledgeable and helpful. An amazing coach that will help your life in a myriad of ways. I strongly advise anyone considering making the investment in themselves to absolutely work with her. From mindset to spirituality & everything in between, your life will improve significantly with Natalia on your team!


- Alexander W.

My experience with Natalia and thinking into results material has been one of the most incredible and powerful experiences I have ever had.  I am eternally grateful for the guidance and material as I now realize the power I have within and have manifested into physical reality, my goal of financial freedom.  Through the understanding and implementation of this material I was able to take my business to a completely new level, turning my annual income into my monthly income. My confidence has surged as I now know with absolute certainty I can achieve anything I desire.


– Stacey V.

Doing TIR was one of the best choices I have ever made, it’s changed my life in so many ways, least of all having ownership over my time and money. If that’s not enough reason to do this, then I don’t know what is. Having Natalia as a wise guide and mentor throughout should only be the final straw that made this a life-changing experience. Thank you!


– Kathrin S.

What I gained from TIR is a higher self awareness and expansion. I healed my relationship with my family who I didn’t talk for years. I found my purpose and my true self. I can see the beauty and good in people. I am more focused, calm and present. I released weight. I am waking up early and feeling lots of energy every day. 


– Ingjerd J.

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